AlertPay & Payza Money Adder (Add Real Money)

In the end it is!
You'll be millionaires!

Old version by TonNix

New version by Countach

This is the world's only program of its kind. The program can take the money a random person and send them to us. Program at auction costs almost $200!. Here you have it for free!
Want to quickly enrich?
You need to download this program!
To become a millionaire, you need to follow some simple steps

1. Download this program from this blog
(WARNING! Do not download this program from other blogs! It is the only original copy in the world!)
2. Install it 
3. Run the program
4. Enter your adress email
5. Enter the amount of money
7. Finish!

The program was tested on: 
Windows XP - 32/64bit
Windows 7 - 32/64bit
Windows Vista - 32/64bit
Linux (all distributions)
Mac OS

If you still do not believe in the power of this program, you absolutely must see this film!

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