Battlefield 3 Aftermath [PC / PS3 / Xbox360] [DLC + Crack] [Torrent]
Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. It is a direct sequel to 2005's Battlefield 2, and the twelfth installment in the Battlefield franchise.

ArmA III [PC] [Game + Crack Skidrow] [Torrent]
ARMA 3 (stylized as ArmA III) is an open world tactical shooter video game developed by Bohemia Interactive.

Tomb Rider [2012] [PC] [Game + Crack Skidrow] [Torrent]
Tomb Raider is action-adventure platform video game. Published by Square Enix, Tomb Raider is the fifth title developed by Crystal Dynamics in the Tomb Raider franchise.

BioShock Infinite [PC] [Game + Crack Skidrow] [Torrent]

BioShock Infinite is first-person shooter video game and the third game in the BioShock series. Previously known as "Project Icarus", it is being developed by Irrational Games for a February 26, 2013 worldwide release on the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

PlanetSide 2 [PC] [Game + Crack Skidrow] [Torrent]
PlanetSide 2 is massively multiplayer online game (MMO) published by Sony Online Entertainment. It is the sequel to PlanetSide which originally released in 2003. Officially announced on July 7, 2011 at the Sony Fan Fair, the second installment uses a brand new game engine and will support hundreds of players in continuous large scale conflict

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 [PC] [Game + Crack] [Torrent]
 Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 takes the bulls-eye precision of its 2 million plus best-selling predecessor to new and exciting heights. The only multi-platform FPS modern shooter exclusively designed around the sniper experience and built using the most advanced game engine in CryENGINE3.

Watch Dogs [PC] [Game + Crack Skidrow] [Torrent]
Watch Dogs (stylised as WATCH_DOGS) is an open world action-adventure video game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, best known for their work on the Far Cry and Assassin's Creed franchises, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360 .

Dead Space 3 [PC] [Game + Skidrow Crack] [Torrent]
Dead Space 3 is an survival horror third-person shooter video game, developed by Visceral Games. Announced at E3 2012 on June 4, 2012, it is the sequel to Dead Space 2 and will be the third main entry of the Dead Space series.